Business Opportunities


Whether it is North Indian curries, rice recipes, sauces or sweets - in Indies Global, your ideas shall have no limits. We offer the latest retort technology, as well as expertise in all relevant areas and pride ourselves in manufacturing and Co-Packing of the highest quality and value added items on the market. We provide the clients with standards, such as high-end product, timely completion and high safety standards. We operate under and all regulations, including FSSAI and ISO22000. Our manufacturing procedures, sanitation policies, safety standards, and detailed process management, ensures the food safety and quality assurance our customers deserve.

We can get in touch if you are any of these:

  • Start-up enthusiast in convenience food/ QSR industry
  • Importer/ Exporter of convenience foods
  • International food/ beverage company interested to enter into Indian market
  • Hotel/ Restaurant/ Cafe looking to expand your food offerings and add convenience to your Kitchen operations
  • Catering company looking for bulk food preparation partner
  • Disaster food relief organization
  • Individual Donor/ Corporation working on philanthropic and CSR efforts
  • Looking for tailor made recipes under private label
  • Wholesaler/ Retailer of Ready to Eat foods

Contact us today to learn more about our broad range of ready to eat manufacturing services and state-of-the-art equipment and facility. Write us at