Why Indies Global


Indies Global Foods specializes in contract manufacturing & private labeling in food categories such as Ready Meals, Rice Preperations, Simmer Sauces & Pastes, Canned Fruits & vegetables, Ethnic Canned food etc. We are exclusive supplier of for brands sold in Australia, UK, Canada etc with listing in supermarket chains like Coles, Woolworths, Sainsbury's, Waitrose, Tesco, Sobeys, Loblaws, Walmart etc.

Our experienced Chef’s are regularly involved in New Product Development not only for refining existing product parameters but also can bring innovations to your existing product range through small scale testing.

We have the personnel, equipment, and experience to take small batch trials according to client needs and after achieving perfect product, we proceed to commercial production and shipment.

We ensure best quality of our products by not only having regular external audits but also from stringent internal quality control measures. All processes from production to dispatch are monitored by quality team.

The products undergo:

  • Chemical Testing (Acidity, Salt, pH, Brix etc)
  • Sensory Evaluation (Odour, Colour, Texture, Moisture, taste etc)
  • Microbilogy Testing (Total Plate Count, Yeast & Mould Count etc)
  • Other Testing as Required (Nutritional, Country Specific, FSSAI norms etc)

Our manufacturing facility is BRC Grade A in accordance to global standards of food safety and operate according to HACCP, VACCP & TACCP plans.

We purchase all our raw material & packaging material from experienced, trusted & GFSI certified supplier. Our cost effective sourcing ability, quality inputs can benefit you in immediate production requirements, brand building and faster product development etc.

We also have option of processing your products using ingredients supplied by you or directly sourcing from vendors on your behalf. Products are made and packed according to your specifications and directly ship to your warehouse or destination across the globe.

You don’t have to worry about asking us to source limited quantity of raw material, we provide storage solutions for raw material so that production can take place continuously.

Our quality team regularly checks on parameters like allergen, aroma-sensitive material, pest control measures, avoiding cross contamination etc. We have dedicated cold storage to keep products under refrigerated conditions.

Our latest retort technology allows us to increase shelf life of products upto 2 years without adding any preservatives. The flexibility of our processing plant allows you to process your products according to your needs ranging in categories like ready to cook, ready to eat, canned products etc

We offer customized packaging options in sync with easy container loading and trucking solutions. We also help you in developing your labels. We offer packaging solutions ranging from 250 Gm to 3.00 Kg.

Packaging Types:

  • Retort Pouches – Pillow & Doy Pack
  • Tin Cans (Regular, Flat End, Easy Open Can options)–A1 Tall, A2-1/2, A10

We also have warehousing facility to store finished products as per orders and shipment plans. Our Quality and Warehouse teams ensures all your products are stored safely in warehouse focusing on parameters like pest control, ambient temperature, moisture and product safety etc.

We provide shipping options ranging from partial load to full container. We have experienced shipping & forwarding teams stacking your finished product by hand with utmost care. Quality & Dispatch teams check on various pre-dispatch parameters like cleanliness, fumigation, moisture resistant sheets, airbags, safety nets, stack cards etc. We offer floor loading & palletization facility is available if required by the customer.

Private Label

We take care of manufacturing your products under your label. You just have to take care of marketing & selling your products.Happy Selling.


We are located 40 km from Azadpur Mandi (Asia’s Largest wholesale market for fruits and vegetables) and 10 kms from Delhi International Cargo Terminal (Dry Port with daily connectivity to Mundra Sea Port). We have close proximity to Rice, Fruits & Vegetables growing and processing regions of North India.


Our manufacturing plants operate using state-of-the-art technology to ensure highest quality products. The plant has dedicated Research & Development Kitchen for New Product Development and in house Laboratory for testing and recording all chemical parameters.


GMP is followed for all products manufactured at the facility. All products are manufactured according to standard work instructions, critical control parameters and product specification sheet. Our packaging material is source from experienced, trusted & GFSI certified suppliers. We ensure packaging material is free from any type of foreign contamination to ensure highest product quality.


You can always trust us with your exclusive recipies. We are a team of professionals and ensure all your product, packaging and shipment requirements are fulfilled as per the agreement. Mutually agreeable Non disclosure agreements can be signed before start of commercial production.


Our Products are manufactured using latest retort technology & have upto 2 years of shelf life without compromising on product quality & taste parameters. We deal in all natural products and no preservatives are added into the products we manufacture.