What We Do

About Us

Indies Global Foods provides food contract manufacturing services to companies large and small, operating under our guiding strategy to delight our customers by providing on-time, on-spec food ingredients through excellent execution, optimal equipment utilization, and a passion for personal growth.

We are not only the newest technology for Retort processing in North India but we also supply the high quality retort product.

Our dedicated management team is devoted to delivering customer satisfaction whilst maintaining the highest standards of operational excellence. This is in addition to the constant investment in cutting edge machinery and passionate support staff that help deliver world class service.


Whether it’s a Curry, Sauce or Rice based preparation of any kind – in Retort Packaging, your ideas shall have no limits. We offer the latest retorting technology, as well as expertise in all relevant areas and pride ourselves in manufacturing and Co-Packing of the highest quality and value added items on the market. The firm’s portfolio includes projects in Retort Pouches, Cups, Trays, Tin Cans, Glass Bottle and Research & Development. We provide the clients with standards, such as high-end product, timely completion and high safety standards. We operate under and all regulations, including FSSAI and ISO 22000:2005. Our manufacturing procedures, sanitation policies, safety standards, and detailed process management, ensures the food safety, consistency and quality assurance our customers deserve.

Our retort process is configurable for retort packaging in a wide variety of type, size and shapes, and we can provide co-packing solutions for:

  • Curries
  • Sauces
  • Pastes
  • Rice based preparations
  • Fruit based preparations
  • Fruit and Vegetable processing
  • Baby Food
  • Milk based products
  • Much more


Our mission is to be faster, more flexible, and to add more value for our customers. We know that what was good enough last month or last year is simply not adequate for tomorrow. It’s what our customers expect – and it’s what we continue to deliver every day.


To be the preferred supplier of Ready to Eat and Ready to Cook food products to the leading global supermarket chain.


  • I - Integrity
  • N - Natural
  • D - Dependibility
  • I - Intelligence
  • E - Excellence
  • S - Simplicity

Our Story


Our founder Mr Vishal Goel left his high paying job in the diamond Industry with a vision of serving clients globally with good quality food & be a preferred supplier of supermarket chain brands.

Indies Global Foods Pvt. Ltd. Established.


Imported latest Food Preservation Technology Retort.

Commencement of Production / Business.

ISO 22000:2005 Certified.


USFDA Registered

Successfully Certified - THE BRC GLOBAL STANDARDS

Better Process Control School Certification.

Worked for a major US Client including export of ready shelf Rice preparations like Tikka Masala, Basmati & Lentil, Lemon Rice etc.


HALAL certified

First Export consignment to Saudi Arabia.

Started Canning of Fruits & Vegetables like Mushroom , Tomato Puree, Red Cherry, Baby Corn, Sweet Corn etc.

Started Canned desserts like Gulab Jamun , Rasgulla etc

Successful Audit - BRC Global Standard for FOOD SAFETY ISSUE 7: JANAURY 2015 & BRC Global Standads 'FSMA'


Started making Biryani Meal Kits & Curry Kits for major UK based client directly exporting to countries AUS, UK, Canada with products listed in stores like Coles, woolworths, Sainsbury's, Waitrose, Tesco etc.

Made Chutni range - Mango , Lime , Garlic & Chilli etc.

Spices Board - Certificate of Registration as Exporter.

Successful Audit - BRC GLOBAL STANDARD for FOOD SAFETY ISSUE 8: August 2018.


Mastered Canned Indian Ethnic Products like Soya Chaap , Sarso Ka Saag, Soya Chaap Curry etc & became a preferred contract manufacturing & private label partner for major brands in Canada, Australia, UK and indirectly through merchant exporters.

Successful Audit (Grade A) - BRC GLOBAL STANDARD for FOOD SAFETY ISSUE 8: August 2018.


Started new product Range - Cooking Paste in spouted pouches.

Introduced Canned Dahi Bhalla, widely appreciated and accepted.

Added new Facility adjacent to the current facility for increasing production capacity of existing product range.